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Memorable Time

As before my family all had an extraordinary time. The kids enjoyed the indoor pool. My husband and I enjoyed all other things to do that was on the itinerary. The concert was spectacular. Brought back good memories. We even purchased some items that were sold. Thank you Voice Distributions & The Seasons Group. Job… Read more “Memorable Time”

Felecia Bryant
Far Rockaway Queens N.Y.


This was my fourth year and only one word to explain it OUTSTANDING. First I would like to thank two of the most humble men Maurice Watts and Lincoln Seasons for all you both do to make this weekend a great success. I truly appreciate how you guys make everyone feel like family. The entertainment… Read more “AWESOME EVENT”

Beverly Holloway
Trenton, NJ

Had a Great Time!

Thank you! It was a wonderful weekend and the concert was stupendous!!

Juanita Bethea
White Plains, NY


This was my first time attending. There were so many choices to do things and that was great!!!! Miss D is fantastic and very accommodating. A big shout out to Miss D. I plan on going every year. It was also a pleasure meeting Maurice “The Voice” I listen to the music everyday. Keep on… Read more “WOWThis”



My second year in a Row!!.Just turnt me out!!! The lineup on both days were Phenomenal. Comedy was A1,Crowd was more than double this year. Beautiful People beautiful Place.. Put my deposit for 2018.

Rock Boogie
Valley stream,Ny

CAN YOU DIG IT !!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic

The Entertainment was outstanding the men & women work shops had great topics, Lincoln you & Martha must come back. Lincoln & Maurice I don’t know how & your staff makes everyone feel welcome in your home for a OUTSTANDING WEEKEND,I know because you care. lol

Owen Thomas
Brooklyn & PA

Way Beyond My Expectations!

This was by far the best time I’ve had in years. This was my first time in attendance and trust me when I say “It won’t be my last!” Thank you Voice Distribution and Sessoms Group for hosting the perfect event and allowing me to relive some wonderful memories.

Gregory Jerome Walker
East Stroudsburg

Phenomenal Weekend

I’d like to thank Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Watts for a wonderful weekend filled with love and music. This year’s lineup was outstanding and don’t know if you’ll ever be able to top this one in years after. It definitely was well worth your money. This is one of the best weekend getaways I’ve ever… Read more “Phenomenal Weekend”

Anita Cook-Riley
Brooklyn, NY

Wonderful Weekend

It dawned on me going home just how much I needed this weekend. It was a wonderful reprieve to a fast pace life. From the meet and greets, to the sad goodbye’s to new found friends. It was a great privilege to enjoy the Classic R&B weekend. We talked about many things over the weekend,… Read more “Wonderful Weekend”

Gail Diamond
Columbia, South Carolina


We had such a great time! The shows were out of sight, loved them all. We can’t wait until the next one. Maurice and Lincoln did a great job!

Cliff & Cordelia Patterson
Jamaica, NY

Had a good time

The best thing about that show is all the acts was very good but over all I met my child hood idol Russell Tompkins JR, I’m a singer and for years I always wanted to meet Russell Tompkins JR because he was my inspiration to RnB music I loved it very much and I will… Read more “Had a good time”

James Chance
Lancaster pa

I Needed This Quick Get-A-Way

I haven’t danced into the middle of the night like that in some time. From the time I arrived and the Classic R&B weekend staff gave me that band of entry until after the Gospel brunch was great. I was able to put faces to friends that I have known for close to 8 years… Read more “I Needed This Quick Get-A-Way”

Gail Diamond
Columbia, South Carolina

It Was The Best!

If love was ever encapsulated by a bubble of melodies, riddled with tunes we all know and love…this is the place. If you seek the joy of uniting, and reuniting with new faces and loved ones shrouded by a common love of real music…this is the place. If spending time with a crowd of people… Read more “It Was The Best!”

Isreba "Reba" Wheeler
Bronx, NY

Loving My Love Zone Family!

I’ve been to several R&B events and this one 2017 Ump just outstanding the classic groups amazing.The peace and love flowing from fans to one another .Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Wattshandling a crowd of great magnitude but still having time to reach out and touch the supporters handlol..Extravagant rooms filled with comfort and food that… Read more “Loving My Love Zone Family!”

carla renae price
Brooklyn Ny


This past weekend in Hershey Pa was OUTSTANDING! There was something going on at all times. Every moment of the day and evening you could run into true RNB music lovers. I have lots of friends and family that attend this now historic weekend. There are ppl I met for the first time that automatically… Read more “SOMETHING REAL”

MonRay Francois (MONTE)
New York

Great Event

Boy oh boy…I had a great time last night!!! The performances were stellar�� I met some really nice people too.

Gina Bond
Harrisburg, PA

About The Classic R&B Weekend…

My first experience was almost 10 years ago at Fernwood Resort. I had a great time, but Hershey is The Sweetest Place On Earth, and is in my backyard. I’m looking forward to registering, and doing the full weekend again, and truly regret doing “concert only” last year. Thank You Lincoln, Maurice, and Crew.

V Janine Bonner
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Where is the hand dance music?

Man, I think your event is the best. This was my first year and I will return. I have only one questions. I’m from the Washington, DC/Maryland area and we have a local dance called hand-dancing. Well this dance is perfect for the oldies Motown type music that we heard all weekend. Problem is that… Read more “Where is the hand dance music?”

Lawrence Williams
Temple Hills

A beautiful week end

My first time had a ball grown folk gathering for real everybody was up beat enjoying themselves music was great food was awesome I had the salmon perfect can’t wait for next year. Good willing I will be there.

Lawrence Livingston
Myrtle Beach sc

A GREAT Time Had By All

From beginning to end, the 10th was a very enjoyable weekend for my friend Krystal and me. This was my first time attending but certainly won’t be my last. I’ve already put out the word to friends to put their pennies aside for #11. Great job Maurice, Lincoln and all involved in making this affair… Read more “A GREAT Time Had By All”

Donna Mendez

R&B No Sleep Weekend

Each Year We Wonder How Yall Will Top The Previous Year, And Every Year It Gets Better Than The Last One, From The Time You Board The Bus, The Party Starts, The Hospitality Of Everyone Is So Awesome, Mingling With The Awesome Talent, Being Able To Take Pictures, And Sitting Down Eating With Them, You… Read more “R&B No Sleep Weekend”

Debbie Cooper

A Fantastic Weekend!

I had a fantastic weekend, when we pulled up to the hotel it was first class from that moment on. The hotel staff was fantastic, the room was great, the performers was so willing to talk take pictures laughing. The vendors were fantastic and had so much quality stuff to purchase. I didn’t miss one… Read more “A Fantastic Weekend!”

Owen Thomas
PA( Brooklyn New York )

Fantastic Entertainment!!!!!

Thank you Martha for the best bus! Thank you Maurice for the best entertainment and congratulations on 35 years !!! Thank you Lincoln for excellent coordination of entertainment of R&B, Jazz and Soul! Food, Dancing and mature association was the best! Looking forward to next October 2018! The sleepless weekend of entertainment was the best.… Read more “Fantastic Entertainment!!!!!”

Stephany Saunders
Bronx, New York

A Fun Filled Weekend

I would like to thank the whole team for putting on such a professional Weekend. Everyone was welcoming and made you feel special, from the Security team, The Hosts Maurice Watts, and Lincoln Sessions, and the Artist. This was my second year attending, and I still wasn’t able to get to all the entertainment. I’ll… Read more “A Fun Filled Weekend”

Patrice Carter
Boston, Ma.

What An Amazing Weekend It Was.

Thank you Maurice watts and Lincoln Sessoms for yet another wonderful fun filled weekend in Hershey. Y’all out do yourselves every year. My weekend started from when we arrived Thursday. Another year of not making it to the indoors water park but that’s because from the time we arrived and started seeing our love zones… Read more “What An Amazing Weekend It Was.”

Tommy and Debbie Staton
Covington Va

First, but not my last!

November 2016 was my first time attending. I had a great time. The artists put on a fantastic show. I will be there again this year, and may be able to recruit a few more friends to attend.

Michelle M. Golphin
Jamaica, New York


I attended the RNB 11th Annual Weekend last week on Nov. 3rd weekend 2017. The Hershey lodge was awesome, definitely 5 star. The staff were friendly and very helpful. The activities were fun. I enjoyed my day bus ride to the Hollywood Casino. I met a lot of new people from all over. The formal… Read more “FIRE!!!!”

Kim Yarbrough
New York, Queens

What a Great Time at the 10th Annual R&B weekend

I have to start off by saying this, growing up i never thought i would see my favorite artist/Groups in person let alone play there music on a regular basis, yet to my surprise not only have i been able to do both, i have been able to rub elbows with them thanks to Maurice… Read more “What a Great Time at the 10th Annual R&B weekend”

ken Murphy aka Big Murph
Harlem New York

An Old School Experience!

Music that I grew up listening to my sisters play. life changing music that has taught us how to date, fall in love & make babies. The R & B weekend was absolutely great! All my fave groups. See you next year!?

Melinda Giles
Bristow, VA


Hello everyone Let me start off by thanking my HIGHER POWER for anorher extrodenery fun filled weekend. I HAD THE PLEASURE of attending 3 classic R&B event and it’s nothing but excitement from beginning to end. It was GRAND and BEAUTIFUL that I didn’t want to leve. When I walked in to check into my… Read more “Sensationell”

Queens NY

Fantastic Event

This was my first time, and I must admit, I enjoyed myself immensely. I tip my hat to Maurice “The Voice” Watts and Lincoln Sessoms, for doing an outstanding job. The artists were great and to see them was a dream come true, but the other activities and vendors were engaging and hospitable as well.… Read more “Fantastic Event”

Warren "Playballo" O'Neil
Stone Mountain, GA

Lincoln & Maurice Keep Raising The Bar Higher!

It’s been my pleasure to photograph the Classic R&B Weekend & it’s always a great weekend. But every time I think that it’s as good as it gets, Lincoln & Maurice raise the bar even higher. The entertainment has always been great, but this year, Lincoln & Maurice took it to a whole different level.… Read more “Lincoln & Maurice Keep Raising The Bar Higher!”

Julius "Juice" Freeman
Brooklyn, New York

Good Times

November has ALWAYS been the time of year for me and my husband, but since I’m a widow now, I know I needed to make some new memories. Well coming to this 11th Annual R&B Weekend has definitely done that. Great concerts, spectacular buffets and we partied like it was 1999! Broke bread with old… Read more “Good Times”

Ophelia Gray aka MzO
Jersey City, NJ

It Gets Better and Better

Kudos to Maurice, Lincoln and the entire staff for making this such an enjoyable weekend. Everything was lovely and on point. From the time you walked in the door there was entertainment and I’m telling you there are some talented people out here. The 70’s Party was off the chain and everyone looked so nice… Read more “It Gets Better and Better”

Letitia Hayes
Far Rockaway NY

Y’all did it again!

Oh yes Y’all did it again! what an eventful weekend it was. Entertainment was the BEST. there was Not a bad performance the whole weekend. everyone from your crew to hotel workers were the best. food was delicious. I got to meet so many of my Love Zoners. Hello y’all! I had 5 other people… Read more “Y’all did it again!”

Debbie and Tommy Staton
Covington Va

The best time ever


Antoinette Deverger

1st Time Attending!

My first time attending and it was a Blast! Enjoyed all the performer’s beside meeting new friends along the way….Now I’m part of the Love Zone family which is a bonus for me….will be attending next year…..Thank Maurice Watts and family for an fantastic weekend!

Jeannette Gunn
Ft.Meade MD

Amazing & Music Filled Weekend

This was my first year, and I am hooked. This event was planned, and put together very nicely from start to finish. The location, the lodge, and of course the entertainment was top notch. Being able to meet, and socialize with the performers was also a big plus, and I even made a personal connection… Read more “Amazing & Music Filled Weekend”

Everett McCain
West Babylon, NY

Big AL

I had a wonderful time and got to meet several artists that was performing at the event. Ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t been to the event, I am recommending that you attend the event. It wonderful.

Alphonse Williams
Brooklyn. New York

What a Weekend

I knew after the very first time I attended one of these r&b weekends that it would be something that I would look forward to every year. This was my third year and each time it gets better and better. The Hershey Lodge is classy and the hospitality and food was outstanding. The Voice Distributions… Read more “What a Weekend”

Letitia Hayes
FarRockaway NY

An Extraordinary Weekend!

THE VOICE DISTRIBUTIONS LLC & THE SESSONS GROUP INC WHAT AN AWESOME GROUP OF PEOPLE This is my second year and I have every intention of making the R&B Classic weekend my annual getaway weekend. I am a music lover at heart and there was nothing like going down memory lane with the live entertainment… Read more “An Extraordinary Weekend!”

Gina Hall
New York City

Wow! Excellence at its best!!!

As the only female soloist to perform at the 2016 R&B Classic Soul Weekend I can say that I truly had a ball!!! It was a wonderful opportunity not only perform but to meet and greet and network with so many people from all country. Thank you to Lincoln Sessoms & Maurice Watts and the… Read more “Wow! Excellence at its best!!!”

Alyson Williams
Harlem New York

10th Annual Classic R&B Weekend

If you missed this year’s 10th Annual Class ic R&B weekend, plan to be there next year. A full-filling weekend with activities on full blast. I had a great time.

Patricia Dunn
Washington, DC

Phenomenal and Fabulous

I had a great time and loving every minute of it, I will refer it everyone who is interested. Please don’t forget about next year 2018, I will be there for sure. Thank you Maurice and the Crew.

Korita Ray
Brooklyn, NY


If you didn’t go last year, go this year! Maurice “The Voice” Watts and Lincoln Sessoms 10th CLASSIC R&B WEEKEND & EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE is more than a one word description…CLASSY,FABULOUS, FUN, SOOO EXCITING, YOU WANT TO SLAP YOUR MAMA AWESOME! I HAD A GREAT TIME! ONE OF THE BEST WEEKENDS I EVER HAD! AND… I’M… Read more “CLASSY, FUN & SOOO EXCITING”

Renee LaPene
New York, NY

A Blown Out Concert. & Weekend


Shirley Ware
Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey

Fabulous weekend!

I traveled from San Francisco to this was a first time.I must say it was well worth it from beginning arriving on thursday to end.IT WAS FABULOUS!!!Gods will i will be back next year for the 12th annual classy classic R & B weekend.

Janet johnson
San francisco, ca

Beyond My Expectations!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lincoln and Maurice! In a time where it is sometimes hard to hold our heads up, this weekend provided such pride, love, joy, peace, and happiness!! I am overwhelmed by how wonderful this weekend was, for I know the easiest part was to watch us enjoy ourselves. God bless… Read more “Beyond My Expectations!!”

Pamela Tate McMullen
Brooklyn, NY

Amazing weeekend

I’m an artist who sings with the Temptation Review. This was my first time and I had a ball, most amazing weekend. No one should miss the next one. Maurice thanks for the invite.

CJ Jefferson
Sevierville TN

Great time

My husband and I had a awesome weekend. Enjoy all the. Music and concert and vendors. Have been going since thr 1st concert. See u next year.

Sherry Chopin
East Stroudsburg, Pa

Awesome Event

The Classic R & B Weekend was awesome! I enjoyed all of the entertainment, venue, hospitality, and fellowship. I just love R & B Old School music. It will never go out of style. I will be back next year. Thank you for an awesome event!

Beverly Swann
New Castle, Delaware


The 10th Annual Classic R & B Weekend was fantastic!! I took a chance and came by myself and of course ran into folks I knew. Everything from the venue to the lineup…vendors, workshops, meet and greet…everything was on point. Looking forward to next year’s event.

Pamela Tate-McMullen

The Best Time Ever

Maurice and Lincoln, we truly enjoyed ourselves. it was the first time for both of us, but not the last time for me. We attended the show, after party and buffet….It was so nice, I am so ready for the next one. Please let me know when and where I can submit my deposit for… Read more “The Best Time Ever”

Helene "Cookie" McGregor
Philadelphia, Pa

Awesome Weekend! Such A Great Event!

I had a wonderful time. Everyone was so friendly and professional. This was my first time attending this event. It will not be my last! I will be back next year! I couldn’t wait to get back to Jersey to share my experience. Be blessed and see you guys in 2018!

Lisa Smith
Vineland NJ

All I can say is OMG!

All I can say is OMG!! The R&B weekend for me was heaven! It brought me back to the (in my opinion and i’m a sure for others) best times in my life! The 70s party, the entertainers had me partying like I was in my 20s again…..Carefree and enjoying life! This was my first… Read more “All I can say is OMG!”

Darlene Atkins
Boston, Massachusetts


We came for the show and had a wonderful time. Well done. Excellent event & turnout. Extremely well organized. It was good seeing you Lincoln.

Linda Shockley
Jersey City, NJ

Another Great weekend!

This is I think my 9th straight year…always a great weekend seeing everyone and all the activities..see you all next year!

Carol Ray
Malvern Pa

It Was A Breath Taking Weekend

From The Boarding Of The Bus, To The Most Elegant, Weekend Of All Time, You Had To Be There To Understand, What A Classy Event This Was, Maurice And Lincoln, You Out Did Yourself On This One, I Can’t Wait To See What 2018 Will Bring, You Guys Are Phenomenal, Hats Off To 2 Of… Read more “It Was A Breath Taking Weekend”

Debbie Cooper
New York, New York

I Love This Event!

This will be an exciting concert for this year!!!! And this will be my 2nd year coming to the event.

Bilal Jackson
Philadelphia, PA


The R&B Weekend was a great example of how life used to be, with folks from all different walks of life coming together to party and have a good time!! A weekend complete with a ton of things to do for whatever your heart desires and in a venue suitable to satisfy each and everyone!!!… Read more “Back-To-The-Future”

TC Hairston
Upper Marlboro, MD

Keith moe

I’ll like to thank my brothers Maurice and Lincoln for bringing this great ? event every year! You are bringing artists that many have forgotten or never seen! This event reminded us of our history in music! Thanks ?

Keith Johnson
Bronx/New York

New England was in the House

First of all I must give big props to Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Watts for such an outstanding weekend each and every year. The Hershey Park Lodge accommodations and service are top notch and I am so glad that a great home has been found for the R&B Weekend. Boston was in the house this… Read more “New England was in the House”

Deborah Gaul (Lady D)
Boston, Massachusetts


I came all the way from Bermuda to attend the R&B Classic Weekend and it was worth every minute. I enjoyed meeting so many people. WOW WHAT A GREAT TIME. ……you were ALL THE BEST HOST EVER!

Capri Smith


I really enjoyed myself and will be back next year. I call this my mini Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise on land extravaganza. I did not want to leave. It was fun-filled entertaining enjoyment the whole time we were there. Thanks for a job well done to Maurice, Lincoln and their staff.

Jacquelyn Price
Washington, DC

What A Swell Party This Is!

This marks the 5th Annual R&B Classic Weekend that my BFF/sister Daisy Davis have attended. It is our opportunity to get together and celebrate Daisy’s birthday. We enjoyed every aspect of the weekend to the fullest. Especially, the concert. You definitely will see us next year.

Felicia Bentine-Dowe
New Bern, NC (formerly New York)


Okay, now that I can sit down at my computer and tell the world about the weekend I had Nov 3-5. at The 11th Classic R&B Weekend in Hershey Pa. I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you again to Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Watts. I cannot begin to tell you… Read more “The BEST WEEKEND!”

Cookie McGregor
Philadelphia, Pa


This is an event you don’t want to miss only one word to describe it AWESOME. Entertainment is OUTSTANDING wonderful people and the Hershey Lodge is beautiful. I had a blast last year at the 9th Annual Classic R and B Weekend so I know the 10th is going to be off the chain. One… Read more “AWESOME”

Beverly Holloway
Trenton, NJ

Sweet Hospitality at Hershey Lodge

The 10th Annual #randbweekend was one of the most spectacular all-inclusive getaway event ever The Lodge boosts nearby attractions such as Hershey amusement park, factory and museum. Newly added is the waterpark and arcade.From excitement of meeting the stars to the incomparable food and entertainment. I cannot wait to attend this cozy welcoming fun filled… Read more “Sweet Hospitality at Hershey Lodge”

Sharon Smith


This is my 2nd time going to the R&B Festival with my sister and cousin and we had the best time ever. The shows, event, layout was phenomenal . Theres so much to do. It gets better each time.

Yvonne Coleman
Newport, RI

Thank You Maurice and Lincoln

This was my very first time going to the marvelous event. I can’t wait for the next one. Saving up my money on the side. Maurice gave us so many great Legend it was just Awesome….

Theresa grady
Harlem, New York City

The best concert!

We have been to many concerts over the last 45 yrs and I have to say this was one of the Best. Every group sounded Fantastic!!!!… Thanks Maurice Watts,,,,,,, Michael & Shelley Oliver from Baltimore Md.

Shelley Oliver
Glen Burnie Md

R&B WEEKEND = No sleeping this weekend LOL

First and foremost I want to congratulate Maurice & Lincoln once again for providing a fantastic event weekend, the performers, photographers vendors the men session always interesting. the food was very good. Lincoln and Maurice are always seeking to elevate the R&B Weekend to another level and they always succeed that’s because they care, well… Read more “R&B WEEKEND = No sleeping this weekend LOL”

Owen Thomas

Fun Time

I just want to start out saying that me and my sisters had a great time and this was our first time going. We decided to make this our annual Sister weekend, can’t stop talking about it, it was just so awesome that we are recruiting family and friends

Alethea Nash
Philadelphia, PA

Awesome Weekend!!!!

Can’t wait for next year!! Amazing talent great food, DJ kept us dancing all night with magnificent music!!!! Met some amazing people from all over US. The best known talent representing for his generation CHARLES SAUNDERS!!!!! Hot as hell! Sung his heart out!!! R and B show was out of sight!!!

Mille Noriega
Bronx NY


This weekend was mind blowing. The concert lineup was legendary and non stop jam session. Then followed by old school block party style after party. Keep up the good work Maurice and Lincoln!!!

Sharon Bayas
Boston, Massachusetts

Another one for the books!

This was my 8th year! Every one of those years have beenaction packed and awesome weekends! Definitely money well spent and ready to sign up for the next one sight unseen because we know it will measure up!

Carol Ray (Flowergirl)
Malvern Pa

The Greatest Weekend On Earth

Lincoln Sessoms I can’t Thank you and Maurice Watts for such a wonderful weekend. The shows were great and the line up you will never be able to see in one show unless you’re watching PBS ( ch-13). It was definitely a FUBU ( For you By You) concert. Your Team was great going above… Read more “The Greatest Weekend On Earth”

Faye Edward
Uniondale, LI NY

Grandest Weekend On The East Coast

Always a pleasure being at this event which is always put together so well, Congratulations to Lincoln & Maurice on another successful weekend, See you at the 12th Year

Tony "ShowTime" Riley
Bklyn, NY

Live, Love, Laughter.. are words I’d Use.

My husband and I attended several R£B concerts. But this was our first where we participated and booked the whole weekend through you. We enjoyed every activity we could in between me being a vendor.. I’m already thinking about next year and how to do this again…. awesome weekend… awesome groups…

Tina Crayton
Uniondale , NY

Most incredible weekend experience

This was my 2nd consecutive year and can honestly say that in my 59 years here on earth and having been blessed with the ability and wherewithal to do many things, this experience ranks up there as a “Bucket List” type of Event. It runs like a well-oiled machine and the value, for what u… Read more “Most incredible weekend experience”

DJ Joe T
Boston, MA


I would like to thank Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms for another OUTSTANDING weekend. I had an AWESOME time at the 12th Annual Classic RnB event. This year lineup up was SPECTACULAR and the best artist ever. Kicking things off Friday night with GREAT performances by Dynamic Superiors who sung my favorite song “Shoe Shoe… Read more “AWESOME WEEKEND EVER!!”

Beverly Holloway
Trenton NJ

Best One Ever

I had an awesome time as usual. There were so many people in their 70’s outfits we should do it again. #iloveRandB. Waiting to hear Next Year’s lineup. The Spinners would be nice. Also I would love to have a bus leaving from Delaware.

Smyrna Delaware

The Concert Gave Me Life!

This was my first year attending the Classic R&B Weekend, the Hershey Lodge was beautiful, met some funny and friendly people. The staff from both the Sessoms group, Voice Distributions and the hotel staff were friendly and professional. Made my stay a very pleasant experience. I had a great weekend. The big concert on Saturday night… Read more “The Concert Gave Me Life!”

Valencia Wilson
Greensboro, North Carolina

Fabulous time

This is my second year attending the R&B classic weekend I had a wonderful time the people are amazing the music is great but most important I got a chance to see some of my favorite artist perform I’m looking forward to returning next year

Michelle Nobles
Brooklyn New York


Our very first one. Wish we had known about it 10 years ago. Infreakincredible!

Nate Keaton
New Haven, Ct.


What an AMAZING weekend. This was our 3rd year attending and as usual, the venue, the music, the food, the workshops, the dancing, and all of the new faces we met this year was incredible!!! Stephanie Mills was electrifying! My all time favorites “Atlantic Starr” brought back such great memories. The highlight was the 70’s… Read more “Electrifying”

Linda Sylve
Yonkers, NY

Outstanding Weekend

This is my second year, each year get better. I love the meet and greet this year of the artist, and ladies that started it off singing two thumbs up. If you have not been to one, you are missing out on the best Classic R and B weekend getaway of the year .Thank you… Read more “Outstanding Weekend”

Beryl Davis
Gilbertsville ,PA


We we’re all very pleased with the event.

Linda Shockley
Jersey City New Jersey

Best R&B concert

This is my 3rd R&B concert I’ve attended to me this was my best one yet I enjoy Dennis Edwards and the rest of the groups that performed. the Hersey lodge was a great place the staff was very nice their hostility was out of this world The after party was out of this world.… Read more “Best R&B concert”

Elaine Robinson
Bronx, New York

Best Weekend Yet!

This was my fourth Classics R&B weekend in a row, it was without a doubt the best so far. Started off just right with the 70’s theme party. The music kept the me on the dance floor.The concert just top it off. Stephanie Mills did her thing. And Howard Hewett coming off the stage and… Read more “Best Weekend Yet!”

Stephanie Brown
Bronx, New York

Had a Great Time

This was my first year attending the classic R&B weekend I had a great time it was a wonderful event very well put together very well organized. You guys did a awesome job and I will be back again. Congratulations to you and to Maurice for a job well done. And thank you

Andrea Jackson

How after 12 years you can still top the previous years

So Year 12 of the Classic R&B weekend is in the books, and its time to come down off a Natural High. This weekend was one of the best ever and again i wonder how in the HELL are you going to top this year. The line up was power packed and the crowd to… Read more “How after 12 years you can still top the previous years”

Ken "Big murph" Murphy

Great weekend

This was my first year had a great time with my brother and a friends from Virginia really liked the fact the groups were willing to take photos and took time to chat with us can’t wait till next year the Hersey Lodge was nice and Maurice you do a outstanding job

Kevin Thomas
Boston Mass

Ole School Ruled The Day & Night

This was our first time at the R&B weekend. Whispers were the best to me. The line dance class was fun and the Gospel finale was special. The local artist worked hard and I hope to see them again. Great time, loved the Hershey Lodge. Something about chocolate. Everything made it wonderful. We will definitely… Read more “Ole School Ruled The Day & Night”

Deirdre Rice-Reese

The Huge “ROAR” Of the Audience for the Groups!!

YAA!! Maurice!! You know I had an awesome time!! The highlight of my experience at the 11th Classic R&B was the sounds of roar from the audience for the groups Blue Magic, The Moments (Ray,Goodman & Brown) The Travers & The Whispers. My voice was in that “RAW” for the (song) when the Moments sing… Read more “The Huge “ROAR” Of the Audience for the Groups!!”

Ms Jessie Thomas
Charlotte, NC

Let The Show Begin!

I have been tryin to get to “The randbweekendclassic CONCERT since last year! Some dear friends suggest I didn’t due to personal reasons! Well finally I made it this WEEKEND and I’m looking forward to going to the 2019 event! I CONTINUE to pray that GOD continues to bring my other half to me, so… Read more “Let The Show Begin!”

Sherrie Bleach- DeBerry
New York, New York

Fun, Fun, Fun

The 12th Classic R&B Weekend was a fantastic, fun-filled event. The 70’s Party attire was a blast and some good laughs not believing we dressed like that . Love was felt heart to heart and I’m already looking forward to the next event. As the O’Jays say, It’s a FAMILY Reunion. See y’all in 2019.

Lucinda Hampton
Richmond, VA

You Did It Again

You did it again. What a fantastic show that was last night. For those of you who have never been to one of these classic weekends, you better got yourself there next year because you are truly missing out on a heck of a good time.

Gina Bond
Harrisburg, PA


I had a blast last year and am looking for a wonderful time come November 3-5 but Im so excited about it Id like to give another deposit for 2018

Joel Sanderson
Jamaica NY

11R&B Weekend

This have become a ritual for me and I look forward to this every year. Each year the organization gets better and better. I had an amazing time, it’s well worth the money. This year I brought another friend from Delaware, she is still talking about it. The concert was off the chain. I would… Read more “11R&B Weekend”

Smyrna Delaware

Awesome Time

This was my first time attending along with my sisters and we had a awesome time. I can’t stop telling everyone about the event, from the Hershey Lodge to the musical groups (who were ALL awesome). I loved every minute and am sorry that I never attended any of the previous classic weekends. Next year… Read more “Awesome Time”

Evette Pritchett


Had such an extraordinary time again. Always great to see familiar faces. Reconnecting with celebrities That shared a stage back in the day. Enjoying the extensive itinerary. Well done ✔

Felecia Bryant
Far Rockaway Queens New York

Awesome R&B Weekend

Omg!!! Ist time attending & won’t be the last. I loved this no sleep wkend!! Awesome, elegant, outstanding. I really really loved the meet & greet. Thank u so much Maurice & ur team

Ruth Murray
Hyattsville MD

WOW, What a Great Time We Had?

This was my 3rd time coming to the Classics R& B Weekend, with a bus load of people, departing from the Bronx. We said a prayer for safe travel and off we went. From the time we arrived at the Hershey Lodge, everything went so smoothly. All the staff was helpful and professional. The entertainment… Read more “WOW, What a Great Time We Had?”

Martha Hunter
Bronx, New York

Fabulous time

Fabulous time, on point third-year going can’t wait till the next year

Laura Williams
Boston, Ma.


I had a great time. Brought back memories. I grew up on this music. Last year was great also. Just phenomenal!!!!!!!

Joseph Simmons Jr
Brooklyn, NY


Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves. We gave our daughter information so she can sign up for next year’s event.

Linda and keith thomas
Wrightsville, PA

Just What The Doctor Ordered

The 10th Annual Getaway was my first time attending. And I have an awesome time. It was just what the doctor ordered: Good Music & Fun Therapy!! I have a bad fall a few days before and I was still grieving the lost of my Mother. But that didn’t stop me from having the time… Read more “Just What The Doctor Ordered”

Bertha Brooks
Bridgeton, New Jersey

One Of The Best Concerts Of All Time!

The concerts were out of site!!!! Solo and the Temptations were turned up!!! My favorite parts of the weekend were the concerts. Would love to see Eddie Levert with the O’jays next year and another 90s group!!! Let’s go Maurice. Make it happened. He answered you on Twitter!

Boo Boo Romero
Buchanan, NY

Weekend Wonderland

For those of you looking for true old school fun this is the place to be, this is my second year attending this event but it has now become my personal annual event, not only is the entertainment outstanding, the food, the workshops, the venues, the midnight parties and the lifelong friends you meet all… Read more “Weekend Wonderland”

Maryann Barboza
Hyannis ma

Awesome Weekend

One of the best R&B weekend. The 70’s costume contest was a great addition to what already is a great weekend. Everyone is great. Looking forward to next year.

Olivia Jones
Smyrna Delaware

What an experience!

The 10th R&B Concert and Conferences is a great time for me. My experiences in attending is having great fun with my friends. Seeing and feeling the entertainers put on a performances that you will never for get. Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms out did themselves this year. These guys can put on a show… Read more “What an experience!”

Ms Jessie Thomas
Charlotte, NC


I don’t know where to start. Someone asked me last year how can you top 2016 I said just be at 2017 an you will answer your own question. I had no doubts that not only would they see for themselves but they would come back home not only wanting to go back but to… Read more “WOW WHAT A WEEKEND”

Ken "Big Murph" Murphy
New York, NY

Another Blowout Weekend!

It’s going to be another blowout weekend. One not to be missed. The entertainment, the events, the food, the parties, but mostly the camaraderie. Just one big happy family getting together again. Way to go Watts and Sessoms. Love y’all!!!

Karen M. Corbin-Ward
Philadelphia, PA

Awesome Event!

I totally enjoyed myself!  I had the time of my life getting to meet such awesome people.  I had a blast, can’t wait to go again next year.  I already paid my deposit. Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Watts outdid themselves. this was my first time and I want to give thanks to Renee LaPene for… Read more “Awesome Event!”

Joel Sanderson
Jamaica Queens NY

Weekend to Remember

The R & B weekend was an awesome experience. My Krewe and I are waiting to see who the entertainment will be in 2018. We are hoping for THE O’JAYS, THE WHISPER’S, AFTER 7, GLADYS KNIGHT, DENIECE WILLIAMS and The STYLISTIC’S. We don’t dare wish for SMOKEY. Lol The Hotel was wonderful, and the staff… Read more “Weekend to Remember”

Sheilah DeGruy
New Orleans, LA

Most Extraordinary Event of the Year

It was our second time being invited and attending this great weekend event. We were granted the opportunity and honor of performing once again. And once again, it was one superb, dynamic, entertaining, and riveting weekend of the best entertainment, activities, cuisine, networking, and much more. Everything was beyond extraordinary from beginning to end –… Read more “Most Extraordinary Event of the Year”

Richmond, VA

Great Time

OMG I had the best time I enjoyed the whole weekend with my sisters, can’t stop talking about it, in fact we’re trying to recruit family and friends for the 11 Annual, Absolutely loved it!! See you next YEAR!!!

Alethea Nash


The second time is, So much better, baby! (The second time around) And Y’all made it better, Than the first time I attended! Looking forward to my third time! I believe its going to top them all! I think I need to be a Bus Captain!

Bertha Brooks
Bridgeton, NJ

Bus Captian from Delaware

I have been to the last four RandB weekends and had a fabulous time. I have always been the driver and have taken several friends. Its time for all of us traveling from Delaware to be able to sit back, have fun and let someone else do the driving for us. This all inclusive weekend… Read more “Bus Captian from Delaware”

Olivia Jones

My 2nd Year Coming

My 2nd year coming and it just get better and better..what a remarkable and awesome weekend!!!…everyone was so nice and to return twice…see you in 2019

Jeannette Gunn

This Event Exceeded Every Expectation of Excellence!

An Exceptional Event! This is my 9th year attending and each year is better than the last. I would like to thank my dear friends Maurice “The Voice” Watts, Lincoln Sessoms and all of their support staff for continuing to extend their hospitality to us year after year and for giving us the opportunity to… Read more “This Event Exceeded Every Expectation of Excellence!”

Vannessa Jordan-Gaston
Atlantic County, NJ


As a first timer to the event I want to give pros to Maurice and Lincoln and others along with them who made the weekend great. I really enjoyed myself. I am sure that 2019 will be even better.

Bernadine Clarke
C.I. New York

Awesome Weekend

My husband Chris and I had a great time at the Classic R&B weekend. The groups were all at their best. The music took us back in time to a place when rhythm soothed the soul! Everyone truly made us feel like we were a part of the family. We can’t wait until next year… Read more “Awesome Weekend”

Sandra Flowers
Chester, New York


The TALENT was Stellar and legendary, the music was classic, but the beauty of this event are the STAFF and the FANS and LOVERS of Classic R&B Music. You guys rock! Everyone was so helpful, fun, and genuine. Thank you to the entire STAFF and CREATORS of the is event for keeping our MUSIC HISTORY… Read more “INCREDIBLE”

Dan S.
New york, NY

2018 randbweekend

I have been wanting to attend for about four years. I am so glad we finally made it. It was awesome far more than we expected – the accommodations, concerts, Zumba and the vendors wow. Everyone was so friendly. It’s was great to listen to the good old music that you can understand. Thank you… Read more “2018 randbweekend”

Gaynell Rubaine


This year at the 12th R&B Weekend was a blast from the past. I would like to thank Maurice and Lincoln for the recognition award given to Tony this year. It was a little bittersweet him not being there with me but I carried him in spirit to enjoy along with me. This was my… Read more “Extraordinaire”

Anita Riley
Brooklyn, NY

“The Best Classic R&B Weekend On The East Coast”

Stuart, DJ and I had a wonderful time… An awesome time! As always, thank you Maurice and Lincoln along with your staff for your hospitality. You all did an Outstanding job. The artists/entertainment was outstanding and your sound was on point. The indoor waterpark and arcade was great for the teenagers to hang out at.… Read more ““The Best Classic R&B Weekend On The East Coast””

Vannessa Jordan-Gaston
Atlantic County, NJ

Beyond Compare!

I previously only attended the concert because I wasn’t aware of the entire weekend package. Wow! The 12th Annual R and B Weekend was more than I expected! The live bands, comedy show, DJ and celebrity performances were worth every penny. I will definitely be attending again and bringing more friends with me. Here I… Read more “Beyond Compare!”

Diane G. Brown
York, PA

Elegant Weekend Getaway!

If you are looking for a weekend of fun, food, phenomenal R&B music, relaxation, workshop and worship all in an ambiance of elegance, then the “Classic R&B Weekends” is for you! This years’ line up was incredible!!! This was me and my husband’s second year attending and we look forward to every year to come!… Read more “Elegant Weekend Getaway!”

Linda Sylve-Darby
Yonkers, NY

12th Classic R&B Weekend

It was an outstanding event. The event was a big sellout. The lineup was great. And I would love to have Atlantic Starr back next year. This is my third year coming to this event. I will see you back in my fourth year in 2019.

Bilal Jackson
Philadelphia, Pa

Best Girl Trip Weekend

Through the classic R&B weekend I was able to plan a girls trip for me and my bestie we’re back together again as friends it’s been 26 years since our children were very young this is the first time that we’ve actually had fun without the children I had the best time ever I’m looking… Read more “Best Girl Trip Weekend”

Carrie Golden

Always Something Going On

This will be my 3rd and I can tell ya there won’t be any disappointment at all. Oh and at the Hershey Lodge. . Fabulous it topped the other place. Always something going on cards. Workshops. Line Dancing, bands you never heard before. (I’ll be hoping special formal band will be there.. Them cats are… Read more “Always Something Going On”

Debbie Russell
Covington, VA

Off The Charts!

best one ever. I have attended 3 of these and this one was just soo wonderful. Temps, Solo, Enchantment, all the acts the night before are MORE than worth the cost of this well run event.. Maurice & Lincoln have this event down to a SCIENCE!! See you next year!!

Kevin McGoff
Boston, MA

An Outstanding Weekend

I had such a great weekend, this was my second time going, I loved the event and people who were there. I’m going again this year and will give Maurice another deposit for 2019 weekend

Joel sanderson
Jamaica, NY


Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms you both out did yourselves once again this year making this the best RnB weekend ever y’all did the DAMN THANG. I really don’t know how you gonna top this one. Maurice and Lincoln I truly appreciate everything you both do always so humble and just being able to get… Read more “AWESOME AND AMAZING WEEKEND”

Beverly Holloway
Trenton NJ




The Best R&B Weekend Getaway On The Planet.

It’s literally and by far the best R&B weekend getaway on the planet. If you’re straddling the fence as to whether or not you should attend…please know that straddlers are often left in the cold, while we are enjoying ourselves once again. So might I suggest you hop off that fence and join us. Trust… Read more “The Best R&B Weekend Getaway On The Planet.”

Iѕreвa Wнeeler


Joe and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms for planning , organizing and putting this event together. From the wonderful singers, the delicious dinner, the late night buffet and assorted breakfast buffet and vendors it was obvious that the both of you put great time and effort… Read more “LIVE AND IN CONCERT”

May Cato


Had A Grand Time! I was not going to miss this event. I was sick last year made it my business to be here. The Concert was fabulous.  Met a lot of beautiful people.  The Hershey staff was phenomenal.  The chocolate store was amazing. I  brought my grandson some apparel and kisses doll.  Rooms were… Read more “FANTASTIC!!!”

Judemark Roquemore aka Rock Boogie
Valley stream,Ny


What a weekend! You guys outdid yourselves and your annual event just gets better with time!

Miranda Scott
Philadelphia, PA

Incredible Young Talent

I already spoke about the fabulous R and B getaway weekend. Forgot to mention the opportuny that ALL the young talent was able to express their professional, exhilarating and extremely entertaining performances over the weekend!!! They were able to hold their own with the best of them. Songbird did her thing, Charles sang his heart… Read more “Incredible Young Talent”

Stephany Saunders
Bronx, New York

Enjoyed The 10th Classic Weekend

The 10th annual classic soul no sleep weekend is by far one of the main event that I’m looking forward to attending every year. The entertainment was great I’m ready for next year.

Reginald M. Dantzler

Another fabulous R&B weekend!

Yes is say you out did your self again this year.. As like every year that I have attended it was fantastic! We can’t wait till 2018. GOD willing we will be there.

Tommy&Debbie Staton
Covington Va

Another Successful R&B Weekend

I’ve been attending for over five years now and have had the pleasure of being entertained by, Solo, Enchantment, Peaches & Herb, The Emotions, Carl Carlton, Alexander O’Neal and the beloved Billy Paul (R.I.P.) These are the long forgotten entertainers that keep me “running back” to your events knowing that i won’t see them anywhere… Read more “Another Successful R&B Weekend”

Deborah Gaul
Boston, Massachusetts

70s Good Times

Another great year with the R&B classics weekend getaway. What a great time 70s party off the chain and of course the entertainment. ATLANTIC STAR turned it out i literally thought i was back home playing their great hits ..sounded like the records playing outstanding performance ..HOWARD HEWETT and the legendary STEPHANIE MILLS were amazing.… Read more “70s Good Times”

Dolores Deverger
Bronx new York

Grandest Weekend On The East Coast

Thanks To Voice Distribution & The Sessoms Group We Have Something To Look Forward To Annually And The Hersey Lodge Staff And Regular Staff Make It So Easy To Get Around, “See You In 2017”

Tony "ShowTime" Riley
Brooklyn, NY


I THANK YOU ALL for such an AMAZING Weekend!!! My first year attending was 2009, the first in attendance from Florida. Maurice Watts treated me like a family member that year. Collette Logan, Lincoln Sessoms and the entire Crew DID IT FIRST CLASS. Love You Family ❤

Valentina Williams
Orlando, Florida

I Loved The Event!

It was a great event and I had fun at the Classic R&B Weekend this year. I enjoyed socializing with the people and I enjoyed talking to my favorite legendary singer Alyson Williams. Alyson and I had a nice conversation at the event. I remember the night when I heard Maurice called my name when I was… Read more “I Loved The Event!”

Bilal Jackson


The”Floaters” and I had the most beautiful time being amongst our fans,,, great affair let’s do it again’!!!,

Larry Cunningham
Tucson. Az

Had a great time

Want to thank you and Tammy and Lincoln and the whole crew for another great and fun weekend, and I won’t even ask you how you gonna top the last show with 2019 coming up cause I know you and Lincoln will go all out. Glad I could get the pics to you before I… Read more “Had a great time”

Louis McKinney Sr
Marietta, Pa

Outstanding weekend

This was my second time going and I enjoyed it, I had a great time/ blast. I’m looking forward to going back again next year.

Joel Sanderson
Jamaica, New York

Awesome R&B Weekend!

This was my third year and again it was outstanding. I would like to say thank you to Maurice and Lincoln for all the hard work you do to continue to make this event and success. The entertainment was wonderful, I enjoyed seeing two of my favorite groups “The Floaters and Harold’s Melvin’s blue notes”,… Read more “Awesome R&B Weekend!”

Dixil parry
Boston Massachusetts

Most Awesome Weekend Ever.

MATURE people having pure MATURE fun. Mr. Sessoms and group we had a blast? all three days…..and we were just a Vendor. Your accomdations made each individual feel special. Thank you for creating a world of fun under one roof ❤. Again Thank you, Tabb’s World of Pearls

Theophilus & VeNita Tabb
Middleburg, Fl

EPIC !!!!!

Thank you Maurice Watts & Lincoln Sessoms for another beautiful EPIC !! Event …Your Staff out did themselves with the beautiful hospitality and all the venues , classes, workshops & performances was speechless. See you all next year !! #randbfamily

Roxie Frazier
Roy, Utah

Amazing Blowout Concert

My New Jersey bus had a wonderful time at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey,PA.  We had a wonderful time. Everything was on the money, especially on Friday night when Maurice had me stand up and called me (BIG SHIRLEY) and the whole weekend everyone was calling me Big Shirley.  MAURICE AND LINCOLN ALWAYS GIVE AMAZING… Read more “Amazing Blowout Concert”

Shirley Ware
Newark,New Jersey

A Weekend to Remember

The Classic R&B Weekend #12 was my first time! Top of the line fun, entertainment, so-socializing! From the moment you arrive until you arrive back home. Hon-ney, and the 70’s party was all that!

Elaine Hill
Bronx, New York

The Best Old School R&B Show On The Planet

People often tease me about my old school music, they say when are you going to come out of the late 60’s and 70’s music, my reply is NEVER,,,,,this was my second year attending the classic show in Hershey , I will return in 2017. I will bring a few more folks each year ,… Read more “The Best Old School R&B Show On The Planet”

Robert Lima
Brockton , Mass.

10th R&B Weekend!!!

First timer here with friends and family. We had a blast we will attend next year God willing. And will continue to spread the word how well the event went.

Sabre Corum

A wonderful weekend

It was my first R&B Weekend and I enjoy every minute of it. Already planning for next year. The music was alsome and the vendors were great. Love it. Nice way to spend a weekend away overwhelming job.

Janice Jordan
Mount Vernon NY


CHARLES SAUNDERS!! So many things to do, vendors, music, food and did I mention CHARLES SAUNDERS! Youngest singer giving his all to the music of yesterday. Killing it in the white suit! Would have loved to see him on the main stage too with a longer set! Absolutely mesmerizing voice! Always next year! Can’t wait!

Antoinette Bracero
Bronx NY